How to play Party Connect, tips and strategies for solving Only Connect Walls and NYT Connections puzzles

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Objective of Party Connect

Party Connect is a free Only Connect game online based on BBC's Only Connect. Every game consists of four rounds:

  1. Connections
  2. Sequences
  3. The Connecting Wall
  4. Missing Vowels

The object of the game is to score the most points at the end of four rounds. Games may have from one (1) to an infinite number of teams and players.

Round 1: Connections

Sample connection question

In the Connections round, you will be presented with six questions.

In each question, you will see up to four apparently random clues. You need to provide what connects the clues before time runs out.

If you provide the correct answer requiring fewer clues, you will get more points. Specifically, if you require:

  • Only 1 clue, you will receive five (5) points;
  • Only 2 clues, you will receive three (3) points;
  • Only 3 clues, you will receive two (2) points; and,
  • All 4 clues, you will receive one (1) point.

If you are playing on a livestream, the host will evaluate your answer.

If you are playing a replay of a livestream, you may need to evaluate your own answer if the answer you provided was not assessed by the host.

Round 2: Sequences

Sample sequence question

In the Sequences round, you will be presented with six questions.

In each question, you will see up to three apparently random clues. You need to figure out what connects the clues, and then provide what would come fourth in the sequence based on the connection before time runs out.

The same scoring and evaluation rules apply as in Round 1 (Connections), except that scoring one (1) point is not possible since only up to three clues will be revealed.

Round 3: The Connecting Wall

Sample Connecting Wall

In the Connecting Wall round, you will see a grid of sixteen (16) jumbled clues. This round plays like BBC Only Connect Walls and NYT Connections.

You will need to sort the clues into four connecting groups by selecting four clues at a time before time runs out or before 20 incorrect guesses are made.

There is only one solution that creates four distinct groups each with its own connection. Every group found is worth one (1) point.

After time expires, one additional point is awarded for providing the connection for each group in the Wall following the rules of Round 1 (Connections).

If all four groups were found and all four connections correctly provided, two (2) additional bonus points are awarded.

Round 4: Missing Vowels

Missing Vowels sample question

In the Missing Vowels round, you will be presented with three groups of four clues, for twelve questions in total. This round plays like the Only Connect Missing Vowels round on BBC.

The twelve clues are presented one at a time. The connection for each group of four clues is given just prior to showing the first clue of that group.

The vowels have been removed from each clue, and you must provide the complete clue by filling in the missing vowels before time runs out.

The scoring is as follows:

  • Each correct answer you will receive one (1) point;
  • Each incorrect answer you will lose one (1) point;
  • A clue left unanswered scores zero (0) points;
  • Depending on what the host has chosen, answering all four clues in a group correctly is awarded one (1) bonus point or answering the fastest on a clue awards one (1) bonus point.

Connecting Wall Strategies

There are few tips that you can employ to solve Only Connect Connecting Walls or NYT Connections puzzles:

  • When it appears that five clues appear in the same group, you can try all five combinations of four by eliminating one from the group at a time and selecting the four others. In NYT Connections, you do not have this same luxury of trying all the combinations due to the limited number of guesses.
  • When many clues appear to have no evident connection, try looking for plays on the word itself. The clues, for example, might all start or end with something related, are homophones of each other, transform into related clues after adding, changing or removing a letter or word, etc.
  • Many times groups will not contain a mix of proper nouns with nouns, nouns with adjectives, etc. As a starting point you can mentally sort the clues by parts of speech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Party Connect endorsed or produced by the BBC?

No. Party Connect is in no way affiliated with Only Connect. It is free software made by a fan of the show that could not wait any longer for a multiplayer Only Connect game to come out.

Does Victoria Coren-Mitchell host Party Connect?

No. Episodes are created and hosted by fans of the show and are in no way affiliated with the BBC or Only Connect. Anyone can host on a volunteer basis and are free to stream their creations to YouTube, Twitch or other social media channels.

Does it cost anything to play?

No. The software is free of charge and advertisements. The author of the software and writers of episodes can accept donations from users wishing to show thanks for the work done.